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Unlocking the range of Intellectual Property (IP) created by Innovators.

Delivering the inherent value of IP by evaluating, protecting and valuing the IP created by Innovators at all stages of business growth.

Are you looking to raise investment, sell, buy or value a business, or simply make an R&D or Patent Box claim?  If so, the nature and the value held in Intellectual Property has a significant influence in your decision making process.

The first step is to evaluate the IP created by Innovators and to clearly identify the nature and ownership of the IP.  

Alta IP has a suite of tools to guide you through the complex task of creating sustainable value from IP.


Let the IP elevate the value of a business.

The value of intangibles, like the IP associated with inventions, brands, customer and market data, software and data, continues to grow as businesses increasingly depend on technology and innovation to compete. 


In 1975, it was estimated that 17% of the assets of S&P500 companies come from intangibles. The biggest shift occurred between 1985 and 1995 (from 32% to 68%) and by 2020, intangibles were estimated to make up 90% of the value of assets of S&P500 companies. And this leaves tangibles, such as buildings and equipment, cash and bonds, inventory and real estate, making up just 10% of the Index’s company value. According to a 2018 study by risk management and insurance business, Aon, as reported in IP CloseUp, intangibles have come to represent $21 trillion, more than five times that of tangibles.

This shift applies to both sides of the investing equation. While it is important for technology companies to secure robust IP, it is equally important for investors to be able to reliably identify and evaluate a potential investment target's IP.


IP due diligence is an investor's best friend, however - as for technology companies - it is critical to get the right advice and IP evaluation at the right time.

IP Evaluate

Identify and Rank all the IP created by a business and create a Registry for the IP Portfolio of a business.

IP Map

Categorise and Map all the IP relevant to selected products, projects, collaborative partnerships, assignations, exits and M&As and create appropriate Schedules of IP. 

IP Protect

Select commercially relevant and critical IP for protection by Registrable and/or Unregistrable IP Rights to secure a defendable IP position in local, regional and international marketplaces.

IP Invest

Undertake in-depth IP due diligence to minimise or avoid IP-related risks related to investor-investee diligence, trade sales/exits, M&As,  collaborations, product launches, research projects and funding applications.

Innovative Founders
Enlightened Fund Managers

Innovative Founders

As a founder your aim is to ensure the success of your business.  Focus is given to cashflow, funding, channels to market, customer acquisition and sales.

However, as much as 90% of the value of your business may reside in the underlying IP and it is critical to both identify and protect it.

Using Alta IP's suite of tools allows founders to clearly identify, prioritise and value the IP within their business unlocking significant intangible value.

Enlightened Fund Managers

As managers and owners of syndicate funds, the identification of commercially relevant IP can have a substantial impact on the future potential of a portfolio business.  

Gaining insight at an early stage to the IP registry of a business looking for early-stage funding can give your fund an added advantage and de-risk decision making.

Intellectual Property is
Under Utilised & Under Exploited


5.6 million UK private sector businesses


>12 million IP Assets many not identified or recorded


Intangibles make up 90% of the value of S&P500's value

$21 trn

intangibles represent $21 trillion, more than 5x of tangibles

Innovative Service Providers

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