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Dive Into the New Age of IP Intelligence

Our Services

IP Evaluate

Identify and Rank all the IP created by a business and create a Registry for the IP Portfolio of a business.  The app guides you through all aspects of identifying and classifying Intellectual Property and structures interim and final Registry of IP reports. 

IP Map

Categorise and Map all the IP relevant to selected products, projects, collaborative partnerships, assignations, exits and M&As and create appropriate Schedules of IP. 

IP Protect

Select commercially relevant and critical IP for protection by Registrable and/or Unregistrable IP Rights to secure a defendable IP position in local, regional and international marketplaces.

IP Invest

Undertake in-depth IP due diligence to minimise or avoid IP-related risks related to investor-investee diligence, trade sales/exits, M&As,  collaborations, product launches, research projects and funding applications.

We Support the Complete IP Journey

From the identification and evaluation of business IP, we have developed a suite of apps that support IP leverage across multiple sectors and with Innovative Founders and Innovative Funders in mind.

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