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About Alta IP

Alta IP was founded by two entrepreneurs who saw a need in the market for a cost-effective route to unlocking the latent value of IP in businesses.

Our aim is to reduce the complexity and time taken to identify, evaluate and protect IP creating significant additional intangible value to a business.

Our Story


Dr. Claudia M. Duffy, BSc, MSc, PhD (CANTAB) , European Patent Attorney

Chief Product Officer

"As a Patent Attorney, I have worked with 100's of businesses guiding them through the process of identifying, ranking and protecting their IP.  

The process is time-consuming and takes several (sometimes many) iterations before an initial Registry of IP can be completed.  Automating the IP Evaluation process not only reduces the amount of expert time needed but also gives the Innovative Founder a better understanding of the classifications and potential of the IP within the business.


As a member of several Angel Investor Groups, I noticed that all too often there is not enough IP due diligence being undertaken on potential investee companies.  This gives rise to high risks, which often can be avoided or diminished.  An agile and measurable, as well as cost-effective, process for both Founders and Funders to engage with IP would create an expeditious and de-risked founder-funder experience."

Andrew Byers, BEng(Hons), MBA
Chief Executive Officer

"As a Board Advisor, NXD and Interim CEO/COO for several businesses, I was frustrated by the complexity of maximising the value of inherent IP.


Having worked through several IP Audits, I did not feel that my understanding of the process had improved much.  By using an online app that structures the evaluation process would save time and bring more domain experience to the user.


As an investor in several small businesses and having read 100's of startup business plans / pitches, there is a lack of understanding (at an early stage) of IP.  A structured registry of IP would be a strong support to a business plan and would show that the founder clearly understands all of the value within their business.  Ultimately, a demonstrable understanding of IP would enhance the value of a business seeking investment."

Bringing the complementary skills​ of deep IP domain knowledge and International Business Experience in both early stage and listed companies, Alta IP was formed.

The suite of Alta IP Apps is based on real-world experience and addresses real issues encountered over +30 years in senior leadership.

Designed for both Innovative Founders and for Enlightened Fund Managers, the structured process and reporting from the Alta IP Apps demonstrate the intrinsic value of a business's IP.

Experienced Leadership

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